YouTube star Blaire White gives shock rant on body positivity

A YouTube star has gone on a 13-minute rant about why body positivity activities are “embarrassing” and why they should “just lose weight”.

A US woman has confessed that she’s sick of plus size activists and says they should stop making excuses and just lose weight.

Blaire White, 28, is known for her ‘problematic’ opinions, often sharing her thoughts on controversial topics on her YouTube channel, The Sun reports.

Blaire says that in no way does she ‘hate fat people’ but rather she objects to fat activists, particularly those on TikTok.

Speaking in the video, she says: “I hate it when people lie and say it is healthy to be fat. I hate it when people disregard science for the sake of feelings.

“They try to make being fat some kind of minority group and they try to compare racism, transphobia, homophobia to being discriminated against because you’re fat.

“To act as if a choice for most people which is eating yourself into this state – to compare people who choose to not move and eat a lot to being born black or being born gay, etc you have some damn nerve.”

“Being obese shouldn’t be acceptable – you should fear being fat.”

Blaire argues that body positivity discourages obese people from seeking a ‘healthier’ lifestyle.

“Saying that somebody who’s obese doesn’t need to change is saying you don’t care about how long they’ll live,” she says.

“Body positivity should be reserved for people who are trying to cope with things they cannot change. It’s not part of who you are, eating Twinkies is not revolutionary.”

Throughout her video, she pulled up snippets from body positive influencers and spoke to comments.

“Do you want to see a real body?” one influencer said in a clip, showing off her ‘stretch marks and tummy hair, ‘leg hair’ and ‘armpit hair’.

“Still beautiful, still worthy,” she added.

Blaire hit back saying: “I think it’s funny how these body positivity people and activists say this is a ‘real’ body as if being thin and not having body hair is somehow not real.”

“It’s real but it’s just not you, so why are you implying the only real body are on the people who don’t take care of themselves, people who eat themselves into obesity? Like, what are you trying to argue for here.”

Blaire’s video has sparked mixed reaction from thousands of people.

Some disagreed with her stance, while others agreed, sharing their own experiences.

“As a fellow fatty. So many of these people are just embarrassing. We should always strive to live a healthier life,” one person wrote.

“As someone who used to be obese, fat acceptance and all that stuff doesn’t do any favours for people trying to be healthier,” said another.

“I love bigger people who feel positive & happy with their weight regardless of size,” a third person added.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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